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Probably my last Tolkien-themed picture (for a little while, at least), since I need to concern myself with a bunch of written exams I have to mark... -_-

Frodo Baggins!

In his case, I actually liked Elijah Wood, mostly because I had hardly bothered to give the four Hobbits many discerning features, and he made a fine Frodo. Still, I went for my own, old vision of him again. :)

Watercolour. ^^

Forestalling The Tolkien Hair Colour Debate, Part CXXVII: Frodo is decribed by Gandalf (in the Prancing Pony, if memory serves) as being fairer than most Hobbits. Now I know that "fair" always means "beautiful" in Tokien's writings, but apparently, the German translator whose translation I read for ten years before switching to the English version did not. So he made it "fairer hair", and I still have a couple of passages in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit that I think of in German.
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April 26, 2010
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